One Bernam is a new residence jointly developed by MCC Land and Hao Yuan, and strategically located in prime Central Business District.  Its unique location in the heart of the city and in the midst of the Greater Southern Waterfront district is highly coveted by both local and foreign investors.  Whether you are buying for your own stay or for investment, there are 351 units in this 35-story development and the One Bernam Floor Plan offers ample layouts from 1-bedroom to 3-bedroom units to choose from.  

One Bernam Floor Plan Intro

One Bernam Site Plan sits on a large plot with an estimated area of 41,400 square feet, facing the southern waterfront overlooking the sea.  Besides the broad range of residential units as shown in the One Bernam Floor Plan, the development also offers 2 levels of commercial units.  This combination of residential and commercial use helps enhance the value of the development, making it more appealing especially to investors.  For homeowners, having commercial units below the residence also provides greater convenience and accessibility to amenities.

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One Bernam Floor Plan Prestige Collection


1 Bedroom

Type A1

42 sqm / 452 sqft

One Bernam Floor Plan Type A1

1 Bedroom

Type A2

41 sqm / 441 sqft

One Bernam Floor Plan Type A2

1 Bedroom

Type A3

43 sqm / 463 sqft

One Bernam Floor Plan Type A3


2 Bedroom

Type B1

68 sqm / 732 sqft

One Bernam Floor Plan Type B1

2 Bedroom

Type B2

68 sqm / 732 sqft

One Bernam Floor Plan Type B2

2 Bedroom

Type B3

65 sqm / 700 sqft

One Bernam Floor Plan Type B3

2 Bedroom

Type B4

65 sqm / 700 sqft

One Bernam Floor Plan Type B4


2 Bedroom Plus Study

Type BS1

77 sqm / 829 sqft

One Bernam Floor Plan Type BS1

2 Bedroom Plus Study

Type BS2

77 sqm / 829 sqft

One Bernam Floor Plan Type BS2

2 Bedroom Plus Study

Type BS3

75 sqm / 807 sqft

One Bernam Floor Plan Type BS3

2 Bedroom Plus Study

Type BS4

81 sqm / 872 sqft

One Bernam Floor Plan Type BS4
One Bernam Floor Plan Palazzo Collection


3 Bedroom

Type C1

132 sqm / 1,421 sqft

One Bernam Floor Plan Type C1


5 Bedroom (PH)

Type E1

400 sqm / 4,306 sqft

One Bernam Floor Plan Type E1

3 Bedroom (PH)

Type E2

181 sqm / 1,948 sqft

One Bernam Floor Plan Type E2

3 Bedroom (PH)

Type E3

162 sqm / 1,744 sqft

One Bernam Floor Plan Type E3

As One Bernam Location is situated in a prime position in the city and close to entertainment venues such as Robertson Quay, Boat Quay, and Clarke Quay, potential investors would be drawn to the location especially with the availability of a ready tenant pool.  The goal of every investor is to maximize the return on investment while minimizing capital outlay.  In order to generate the highest possible yield, veteran investors are likely to invest in 1-bedroom units as the investment quantum would be very appealing.  In addition, the 1-bedroom units showcased in the One Bernam Floor Plan are well designed with a spacious and functional layout.  

As such, it will be very popular with tenants working in the city who can be a single resident or even a couple. See One Bernam Price list here.

The One Bernam Floor Plan offers 3 different 1-bedroom layouts that have floor areas ranging from 441 to 463 square feet.  The design of the 1-bedroom configuration is focused on providing a comfortable and functional residence that is well equipped with the essentials.  Despite its compact size, the layout is well optimized without any wastage of space.  

The 1-bedroom configuration features a spacious main entrance foyer that leads to an open concept kitchen with a cozy dining area and a good size living area.  The master ensuite comes equipped with a built-in wardrobe and has ample room for a large double bed.  The kitchen is equipped with essential kitchen appliances and cabinets which is convenient for owners who wish to lease out the units.  The 1-bedroom layout in the One Bernam Floor Plan does not offer a balcony however residents who wish to enjoy the outdoor surroundings can make use of the 2 sky terraces at level 4 and level 34 which provide ample recreational facilities and space for relaxation and leisure.  

In addition to the 1-bedroom configuration, the One Bernam Floor Plan has an extensive variety of 2-bedroom layouts to cater to residents who are couples or small families.  There are 2 major categories of  2-bedroom layouts namely the regular 2-bedroom and the 2-bedroom with study area.  All the 2-bedroom units include a balcony in the living area.  

The regular 2-bedroom layout has an estimated floor area ranging from 700 to 732 square feet and it features 2 bedrooms with a common bedroom.  This layout is a great choice for couples who need an extra room but do not need 2 bathrooms.  The key highlight of the regular 2-bedroom unit is the C-shaped kitchen which provides the flexibility to be enclosed depending on the needs of the residents.  

For small families desiring more living space, the 2-bedroom with study in the One Bernam Floor Plan is an ideal choice. Each of these 2 bedder units consists of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and the floor area ranges from 807 to 872 square feet.  There are 4 types of layout for the 2 bedders with the study.  For all the units, the study area is located close to the main entrance.  

Based on the design, the study area can easily be enclosed to form a small room which can be a multi-purpose space depending on individual needs.  With the growing trend of working from home, this additional space in the home will be very useful as it can be converted into an enclosed home office.  For households who need a storage area, this study area can also be converted into a storeroom.

For homebuyers who are looking for 3-bedroom units, the One Bernam Floor Plan offers a single 3 bedder layout that has a spacious floor area of an estimated 1421 square feet.  The design of the 3 bedder focuses on providing residents with a very spacious and comfortable living environment.  While most 3-bedroom residence has a typical floor area around 1,000 square feet, the 3 bedder in One Bernam Unit Mix has a floor area that is equivalent to a 4 bedder layout in other developments.  

This unique 3-bedroom layout offers private lift access to the residence which gives its residents privacy from neighboring units.  The lift entrance opens up to a spacious foyer that leads to the main door of the unit.  This large foyer is a key feature for the residence as it provides the ambiance of a grand entrance for the home.  

In terms of bedroom size, the 3-bedroom layout in the One Bernam Floor Plan shows that all the bedrooms especially the master bedroom are exceptionally spacious.  Besides a large double bed and built-in wardrobe, the bedrooms can accommodate 2 bedside tables and offers plenty of space for movement within the room.  Besides the large bedrooms, the 3 bedder also offers generous dining and living area that extends to a large balcony which is a great place to enjoy the views of the southern waterfront.  Furthermore, the unit also includes a large kitchen and a home shelter which can double up as a storeroom.

Last but not least, the One Bernam Floor Plan also offers 3 penthouse residences located on the 35th story.  Two of the penthouses have 3 bedrooms while the largest penthouse is a 5-bedroom residence with an enormous floor area of 4306 square feet.  Come and experience this extraordinary development for yourself.  Make an appointment today for a visit to the One Bernam Showflat!

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