One Bernam Site Plan- A New Vision 

For the past decades, the Central Business District has grown in many ways but its role has remained as the dedicated business and financial center for Singapore.  However, all this is set to change with Masterplan 2019.  URA has drawn up plans to decentralize business and work from the Central Business District into the regional centers in the northern, eastern, and western parts of Singapore. 

As such the Central Business District will no longer be a dedicated area for business but it will undergo a major transformation to be a place where families and communities will work, live and play.  Furthermore, with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the call for transformation became even more urgent.  In view of all these impending changes, the design of the One Bernam Site Plan will be synchronized with the vision of the future downtown of Singapore. 

The One Bernam Site Plan is sitting on a land parcel that will ride on the first wave of transformation in the Central Business District.  With the Central Business District Incentive Scheme introduced by URA in 2019, developers and building owners can obtain an increased gross plot ratio when they redevelop the older buildings in the area.  Furthermore, when redevelopment involves hotels, commercial and residential use, developers can enjoy an increase of up to 25% in gross plot ratio for selected locations.  Similarly, developers can benefit from an increase in gross plot ratio by up to 30% if they use the land for residential with commercial use on the ground floor.  

Besides One Bernam, other developers and building owners are also taking advantage of the CBD Incentive Scheme to redevelop the older buildings so that they can build more units corresponding to the increased plot ratio.  Following the footsteps of One Bernam Developer, other redevelopment projects nearby include older buildings such as Fuji Xerox Towers and Realty Centre.  

One Bernam Site Plan Vertical

Future Downtown 

The design of the One Bernam Site Plan is based on a few key guiding principles.  Firstly, the design is heavily based on the vision from URA for the central area of Singapore.  Compared to the existing setup where the area is predominantly office buildings, URA envisioned the downtown area will be transformed into a vibrant and dynamic place where residents will work, live and play.  In addition, to enhance the overall liveability in the city, the downtown area will adopt a car-lite system that enables a pedestrian and cyclist-friendly living area. 

To complement a car-lite city, the goal for future downtown is to enable all developments to be within 10 minutes walk to an MRT station.  For the One Bernam Site Plan, the development is within 5 minutes walk to Tanjong Pagar MRT and 3 minutes walk to the upcoming Prince Edward MRT.  Besides the reduction of pollution, another benefit of car-lite is that more carpark spaces in the city can be released and developed into shared community spaces, parks, and greenery for residents to enjoy.   

Besides MRT, the downtown area will implement the concept of the transit-priority corridor to provide more space for public transport, pedestrians, and cyclist.  In the design of the One Bernam Site Plan, much consideration is given to provide greater accessibility and flexibility for pedestrians and cyclists commuting within the development and also the connecting links with other places in the vicinity.  With a transit-priority corridor, the downtown area will offer an estimated 22 kilometers of cycling path to provide a cyclist-friendly environment and also promote a healthier lifestyle for residents in the city. 

Oasis In The City

The design of the One Bernam Site Plan is inspired by the 3 conserved Yellow Flame trees located on the southern side of the land parcel.  The vision for the development is that future residents can work, live and play in an urban lush garden.  Being a pioneering development in URA’s master plan for the city, the architects for One Bernam not only has to focus on the living experience within the development but also on how the development can contribute to the overall vision of the future downtown district.

One Bernam Site Plan Tatami

The focal point of the One Bernam Site Plan is the singular majestic 35-story tower that is adorned with signature vertical fins depicting the upward growth of trees in nature.  The majority of the units in this development will have North or South facing and units facing the south will have to enjoy maximum views of the sea.  

The development is made up several key components namely level 1 and 2 are commercial units with an estimated area of 2,000 square meters, level 3 comprises service apartments, level 4 is a high volume e-deck of approximately 15 meters in height and residential units starts from level 5 which is about 40m from the ground level.  At the top of the tower, the sky terrace is located on level 34 and the 3 penthouses on level 35.

One Bernam Site Plan L1

Residents can enjoy comprehensive facilities in the heart of the city at level 4 of the One Bernam site plan.  The recreational space at level 4 is divided into 3 key areas with distinct themes namely the Wellness Lifestyle zone, The Botanic Collection, and Active Lifestyle zone.  The Wellness Lifestyle zone offers tranquil spaces for quiet relaxation such as Garden Walk, Leisure Deck, Chill Out Deck, and Yoga Deck. 

One Bernam Site Plan L4

For nature lovers, the Botanic Collection offers ample garden landscapes such as Fragrant Garden, Shaded Garden, Palm Garden, Garden Bridge, Reflective Garden, Garden Walk, and Alocasia Walk.  Lastly, the Active Lifestyle zone offers ample facilities such as the large swimming pool and spa pool with beautiful chill-out areas in the Water Deck, Lounge Deck, and Pool Pavilions.  In addition to the pools, One Bernam Site Plan also offers a modern clubhouse, gourmet function room, and garden dining pavilion for residents who wish to entertain in a beautiful lush environment.

One Bernam Site Plan L34

For garden lovers, the themed sky gardens at level 34 of the One Bernam Site Plan would be a delightful experience that offers beautiful garden landscapes and breathtaking views of the surroundings.  The sky terrace is divided into 4 themes namely the Tatami Garden, the Sky Lounge, the Sky Hammock, and the Sky Fitness Club.  The Sky Lounge is an exquisite dining area that includes the sky dining function room where residents can entertain their guests in the midst of beautiful garden landscapes and surrounding views of the city and the sea.  For those who enjoy fitness, Sky Fitness Club offers an exciting experience of working out while enjoying the awesome views on the 34th floor.

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